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Explore U (still deciding)

Explore U (still deciding)

Explore U: Choose your major. Chart your future.

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At Messiah, we’re prepared to help you explore which of Messiah's 80+ majors are a great fit for your personal interests, abilities and professional goals. And we’ll go on that journey with you as your Messiah experience helps shape your future career path!

You may still be exploring which major you want to study at college. But don’t worry. You don't need to have it all figured out before you come to campus. At Messiah, you are more than just your major. While selecting a major is an important decision, it is just one part of your broader educational journey.

Messiah University provides a wide network of resources—organized under a program we call Explore Udesigned to help you make the most of your college experience while discovering which major best fits your personal and professional goals.

You may be considering a few different majors, or you may be unsure how to begin narrowing down your options. Either way, Messiah’s Explore U resources, including our dedicated academic advisors and career counselors, are committed to helping you identify your strengths and interests so you can translate these into meaningful opportunities. We are confident we can help you discover an academic major or program that will position you for a purposeful and successful life and career.

To begin discovering which major may be the best fit with your personal interests, abilities and career goals, you are invited to participate in any of the below “Explore U” resources at Messiah University: