Impact Venture Challenge

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Messiah University's Faith-informed venture challenge developing impactful, viable business models to the world's pressing social issues.


The annual Impact Venture Challenge encourages students to develop and launch a faith-informed business venture that addresses important societal needs.

IVC began in 2015 as a collaborative effort of students and Professor Brian Nejmeh in Nejmeh’s entrepreneurship class. The "Shark Tank"-style competition has provided an opportunity for student-led teams to compete for seed money to start and support their business ventures.

“We had a number of discussions around the topic of how could we motivate students to think more about launching businesses that both made a profit and made a difference in the world,” said Nejmeh. “Our sense was that some type of business plan competition might act as a catalyst for entrepreneurship among Messiah University students.”

Nine years later, The Impact Venture Challenge continues to thrive as a unique opportunity for student entrepreneurship on a college campus.

The Impact Venture Challenge Finale will be on April 23rd at 7 PM in Parmer Hall.  Please join us at 6 PM for a special "meet the entrepreneurs" session in the Parmer lobby area.

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