Career Development Center

Messiah University's Career and Professional Development Center is a great resource for students who are seeking information on a major or a career path. If you are interested in the Department of Psychology, Criminal Justice and Sociology or any other department and would like to know more about the majors and corresponding career fields in which you might end up, we strongly encourage you to visit their website.

Also, if you are unsure of which major would be the best fit for you, or which career area your gifts or personality would fit with, the Career Center offers several tests that can help you recognize your talents and guide you in these types of decisions.

In addition, the Career Center and the department work in collaboration to offer internships to our students. If you are interested in available internships, a visit to the Career Center is your best bet; they can provide you with information on available internship opportunities, give examples of internships students have experienced in the past, and help you apply for an internship position.