Psychology Associations

Here are the official web pages to several well-known psychology associations.

American Psychological Association (APA):

this web page, representing the American Psychological Association, provides everything from APA style-format to psychology-related publications to psychological news topics to careers in psychology.

Psi Chi- National Honor Society of Psychology:

this page is devoted to Psi-Chi, the national honor society of Psychology. This page is valuable for students who want to learn more about the society’s member benefits, publications, conventions, or awards and grants.

Christian Association of Psychological Studies (CAPS):

this web site represents a community of Christian professionals in the field of psychology. This page is helpful to psych students because it describes upcoming conferences - some of which Messiah Psychology students attend.

Pennsylvania Psychological Association (PPA):

this web page is dedicated to the Pennsylvania Psychological Association. This organization exists to promote the advancement of psychology in Pennsylvania, and this web page is helpful to students who are interested in attending psych-related conferences. Also, this page may be a resource for information on psychology in Pennsylvania.

Eastern Psychological Association (EPA):

this web page represents the Eastern Psychological Association, an organization which exists to promote the science of psychology regionally. This group offers psychology related conventions that may interest psychology students.

American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC):

this site was created for the American Association of Christian Counselors, and is functional to students interested in attending psychology and faith-based conferences. It also provides information concerning psychology and Christianity that students may find helpful.

American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP):

this organization certifies professional psychologists who demonstrate competence in a specific area of psychology. This page is helpful to students who are interested in the professional disciplines within psychology.