Strasbourg, France


About the City

Located on the French border with Germany, Strasbourg is a unique city for its rich history and the role it plays in the European Union. Students can stroll through the streets of the Grand’Ile, a UNESCO World Heritage site, with a 16th century neighborhood and the tallest cathedral in France, or visit John Calvin’s church or Louis Pasteur’s laboratory. Internationally, Strasbourg is the home of dozens of European organizations and EU institutions. Heads of state are frequent visitors. It is a charming city, with as many bikes as cars on the streets. There are more than 300 miles of bike lanes and an extensive tram system. Unlike Paris, there are few American tourists or students. The university, host families, and the Accès Study Abroad office ( are all located near the city center.


About the university

Students take their classes at the Institut International d’Etudes Françaises (IIEF) or the Institut d’Etudes Politiques (IEP) which are both affiliated with the University of Strasbourg, the second largest university in France, and accredited by the French Ministry of Education. Internships and service learning opportunities are also available to students through our partner organization, Accès Study Abroad ( directed by Alex Neff ’94 and Andrea Neff ’92.

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