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International Business Bachelor Degree (B.S.)

International Business Bachelor Degree (B.S.)

International Business at Messiah College

The international business major is designed to educate you to be a global Christian. Integrating vocation and ministry, the major will prepare you for a wealth of opportunities that combine global business training with missions.

The International Business Institute (IBI), places you in Europe, Russia, India and China where you will visit international corporations and also hear special lectures by visiting scholars. You’ll even take several international business and economics courses taught by professors from participating Christian colleges. The combination of these groundbreaking experiences will expose you to many facets of international business from developed to emerging practices and environments.

International business major distinctives
Career options for international business majors
Internship opportunities for international business majors

Why study international business?

We are becoming a global society and need to expand our horizons and think globally. It's not an option—it's necessary if we expect to be "relevant" in the near future. One of our grads said recently, "Our family business selling landscaping equipment has just expanded into Indonesia, and we aren't even that big." Does that sound impossible? Not today. With the world becoming a global village, even small businesses are going international. If you want to learn how to apply business principles cross-culturally, international business is the major for you.

Off-campus study opportunities

The international business major has two exciting and innovative off-campus requirements. One is a ten-week study/travel program offered in the summer between the junior and senior year. You will join students from several other Christian colleges and attend the International Business Institute (IBI) to visit Europe, Russia and Asia. In addition to visiting international corporations and hearing special lectures by visiting scholars, you will take several international business and economics courses taught by professors from the participating Christian colleges who travel with the group.

The second off-campus requirement is a cross-cultural experience in a developing country. You have several options for fulfilling this requirement. You may join one of the three-week cross-cultural trips sponsored by the College, complete an internship, or design an individualized program that takes you to a developing country. The point of these two off-campus requirements is to expose you to both a developed and a developing international environment. As global Christians we believe you need to have a balanced perspective.

After graduation

International business majors may choose careers in businesses with strong international operations. You might be home-based or be asked to take an overseas assignment for a period of time. Another option is to work for a mission organization, which need trained business people with cross-cultural perspectives. Graduates more interested in a small business may choose to start a small business with an international market or even help people in developing countries become self-sufficient by equipping them to start their own small businesses. In addition, international business majors are well prepared for graduate school in fields like international law, international finance, and economic development.

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Students in the international business program take a selection of courses that successfully prepare them for a career in a related field.
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