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Printer Fees

Students must use their assigned network account in order to print on the laser printers and color printers. Students will be automatically billed on their regular college bill for each page printed on the laser and color printers in the general computer labs. For specifics about billing, see Billing Procedures.

Semester Credit

Each semester, each student will be given a $24.00 lab printing credit. (Employees do not receive credit.) Once enough pages have been printed to use all of this credit, the student will be billed for each page used. This credit is for lab printing only -- it is not a credit which can be used against any other college fees. Any remaining credit in one semester will not be rolled forward or added to the next semester's credit. Each student starts each semester with the same credit amount.

Specific Fees


Computer Lab Printer Name Cost per page
All Labs Nearest Black and White Laser $0.08*
Frey 247 Black & White Laser $0.08*
Color Laser $0.25*
Epson 4000 Ink Jet Printer (for larger prints) $1.80*
(F249) Epson 9800 (see proctor for help) see proctor
Digital Palette HR6000 student supplies 35mm film
Boyer 237 Color Laser $0.25*
Boyer 337 Color Laser $0.25*
Frey 145 Color Laser $0.25*




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