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Pre-Health Professions Advising

Pre-Health Professions Advising

Pre-health professions advising

Engage in an integrated academic pre-health program that successfully prepares you for medical school or a wide variety of allied health care professions.

Future allied health care professionals and aspiring medical doctors seeking practical experiences will find an enriching environment in Messiah University’s pre-health professions advising program. With an academically challenging curriculum combined with hands-on medical experiences and research opportunities, you’ll be well prepared to go on to medical school and/or enter a medical or allied health care profession.  

You’ll flourish under the guidance of both an academic major advisor and also a pre-health professions advisor. You may choose to pursue a science-related major, but with careful planning and the dual advising you’ll receive at Messiah University, you have the option to major in many other disciplines that may interest you. Messiah has an excellent record of preparing students for successful acceptance into medical or allied health care schools, as well as for lives of service and leadership in the health professions.

Messiah University offers programs in:

As part of a pre-health advising option at Messiah, you’ll be able to:

  • Work with both an academic advisor and a pre-health professions advisor to ensure successful completion of both the requirements for your major as well as for the requirements for medical or allied heath school application.
  • Participate in directed health-related research, both credit-bearing and/or paid in a variety of settings locally, nationally and around the world.
  • Partner with students from Johns Hopkins University and Cambridge University at one of the leading malaria research field stations in the world—the Malaria Institute at Macha Hospital in Zambia.
  • Take rigorous academic courses that incorporate practical experience through a cadaver lab and through the use of advanced laboratory equipment and state-of-the-art three-dimensional modeling programs.
  • Actively participate in the School of Science, Engineering and Health as a lab assistant, tutor, supplementary instruction leader and by presenting research at the school’s annual Spring Research Symposium.

To learn more about the pre-health advising programs offered at Messiah, contact:

Martha Stigelman
Pre-health professions advising coordinator
717-766-2511, ext. 3936