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Family and Consumer Sciences Bachelor Degree (B.S.)

Family and Consumer Sciences Bachelor Degree (B.S.)

Family and Consumer Sciences at Messiah College 

Your enthusiasm for teaching healthy relationships and essential life skills can lead to a rewarding career in a profession that is currently in high-demand.

Passionate about the well-being of children, teenagers and their families? Thinking about a career focused on equipping young people with critical life skills which will enhance their professional and personal lives? Then check out Messiah College’s fully accredited family and consumer sciences education major. One of only two such majors in Pennsylvania, Messiah’s program equips you with a K-12 teaching certification that enables you to teach courses in child development, family dynamics, foods and nutrition, and more. 

Family and consumer sciences education major distinctives
Career options for family and consumer sciences education majors
Internship and teaching opportunities for family and consumer sciences education majors

Program emphasis

As a result of this program, you will be prepared to teach students basic skills for independent living. You’ll  take advantage of leadership opportunities in all four areas of Family and Consumer Sciences instruction: financial and resource management; balancing family, work and community responsibility; food science and nutrition; and child development. You may even attend professional conferences, co-present papers with faculty or study abroad for a semester.

Hands-on learning opportunities

And beyond the classroom, the Family and Consumer Sciences major at Messiah will also give you many hands-on opportunities to participate in school settings, develop curricula and work one-on-one with our faculty. Family and Consumer Science is a hands-on discipline at its core. Many courses will require hands-on projects and applications to real life beyond the classroom setting. You can also join the Pennsylvania Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, our state professional organization as well as Messiah College Council on Family Relations (MCCFR) – a student professional organization affiliated with the National Council on Family Relations.

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Students in the family and consumer sciences education program take a selection of courses that successfully prepare them for a career in a related field.
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