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Faculty - Department of Human Development and Family Science

HDFS Faculty 2016


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Alumni Quotes

I love the fact that the faculty is so involved with student learning. There was not one moment that I did not feel encouraged and supported during my time with the HDFS Department. I will sincerely miss the professors when I graduate! -2016 Graduate
Raeann R. Hamon, Ph.D., CFLE
Raeann R. Hamon, Ph.D., CFLE

Distinguished Professor of Family Science & Gerontology Chair

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Erin Boyd-Soisson, Ph.D., CFLE
Erin Boyd-Soisson, Ph.D., CFLE

Professor of Human Development & Family Science

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Paul Johns, Ph.D., LMFT, CFLE
Paul Johns, Ph.D., LMFT, CFLE

Assistant Professor of Human Development & Family Science

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Robert Reyes , Ph.D., CFLE
Robert Reyes , Ph.D., CFLE

Professor of Human Development & Family Science

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Part-Time Contributors to the department (2020-21)

Jody Brandt  Death, Grief and Caring (GERO 218) J-term

Christine Bucher  Bio, Nutrition & Healthy Aging (GERO 251) spring

Julie Gomboc-Hellam  Interior Design (HDFS 237) fall

Joan Hammond  Textile Construction (HDFS 236) fall

Joan McGeary  Intro to Child LIfe and Child Life Field Exp. (HDFS 361/362)

Jennifer Ransil, MFT

Human Sexuality (HDFS 244) fall, spring

Foundations of Marriage and Family (HDFS 101) J-term

Strategies of Family Life Ed (HDFS 442) fall

Kristen Reitz, M.S.  Family Resource Management (HDFS 245) fall

Sasha Roble, M.Ed.  Family and Consumer Sciences Curriculum and Instruction  (HDFS 307) fall


Messiah University colleagues contributing to the FCS Curriculum

Department of Nutrition & Dietetics: Kathryn Witt, Ph.D., Amy E. Porto, Ph.D.

Department of Visual Arts: Christine Forsythe, M.F.A.

Department of Education: Jennifer Fisler, D.Ed., Donald Murk, Ph.D.

Jennifer Ransil, MFT


"I found the field of Family Science by taking a Marriage &Family elective my freshmen year at Messiah College.  Though I had declared a psychology major, I quickly realized that my interests were much more closely aligned with Family Science and switched!  I was fascinated by family relationships, interpersonal communication, and the dynamics of marriage, both personally and academically.

This intersection of personal and academic interest has carried through my professional life. I grew up in a multi-generational family, with both sets of grandparents playing an integral role in my daily life.    Today, as a wife and a mother, I daily draw on my knowledge of effective communication, boundaries, and interpersonal skills to navigate the deep, and sometimes tumultuous, waters of family life with four kids.  As a marriage and family therapist, I use my training to help others live a more authentic, healthy, and intimate life.  It is my hope that I can share my enthusiasm for the Family Science with my students and they will be equally inspired to work within the field."

Kristen Reitz, M.S.

"When I began college, I started as a Communications major. After completing two semesters, I realized I didn't have a passion for that subject, and I wasn't enjoying my classes.  I began browsing through the courses offered by each major, wondering where I fit in. When I found the HDFS classes, every single class description seemed interesting to me. I wanted to take all of those courses! I changed my major then, and decided to minor in psychology as well. My senior year, I was able to do an internship at a psychiatric hospital. There, I had the opportunity to be a part of both group and individual counseling sessions, and realized that is where my true passion was-- helping people work through the difficulties in their lives, gain new living skills and new insights about themselves and their situations, and become the best version of themselves. After college, I continued to work doing individual and group therapy, and earned a Master's in Counseling Education. "
Sasha Roble, M.Ed.
"As a seventh grade student in "Home Economics", I had an amazing opportunity to be taught by Mrs. Connie Hubbard. She was a kind hearted, compassionate woman who sought out the best in each and every one of her students. I didn't really know what to expect at first when taking her class; but, the very first unit of study was on values. I remember when I presented my project she told me that I had what it takes to go far in "Future Homemakers of America" STAR Event competitions and encouraged me to join the organization. After my first State Leadership Conference in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I was hooked. I knew that someday I wanted to be a teacher just like Mrs. Hubbard. One year later, there was a name change to Family and Consumer Sciences and FHA soon after that also changed its name to Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. I had the opportunity to travel across the United States with my role model learning more about Family and Consumer Sciences and gaining leadership experience through FCCLA. As I was preparing for my undergraduate career, she continued to be an avid supporter; providing resources and insight on lesson plans and projects. I have been teaching in the field for 8 years and now have the most amazing opportunity to be adjunct faculty here at Messiah College. I can help provide a sound, stable foundation for future Family and Consumer Sciences teachers, just like Mrs. Hubbard did for me! I am so incredibly excited to be on this journey. "

Erin Yurick, M.S.


"From the time I was a teen, I have been fascinated by how children grow and learn.  My love of children guided my decision to become  a teacher and has continued to open many doors.  After leaving my middle school classroom to become a full-time mom,  I was blessed to be actively involved in my own children’s lives while continuing to work with other children in various volunteer positions and as a substitute teacher.  Four years ago with a passion for children, teaching, learning, and serving God I began teaching Child Development at Messiah College.  I have been blessed by this calling and continue to be amazed at how God is working through the students at Messiah to nurture the children He places in their paths! "

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