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I love the fact that the faculty is so involved with student learning. There was not one moment that I did not feel encouraged and supported during my time with the HDFS Department. I will sincerely miss the professors when I graduate! -2016 Graduate
Paul Johns, Ph.D., LMFT, CFLE
Paul Johns, Ph.D., LMFT, CFLE

Associate Professor of Human Development & Family Science Department Chair

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Erin Boyd-Soisson, Ph.D., CFLE
Erin Boyd-Soisson, Ph.D., CFLE

Professor of Human Development & Family Science

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Raeann R. Hamon, Ph.D., CFLE
Raeann R. Hamon, Ph.D., CFLE

Distinguished Professor of Family Science & Gerontology

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Part-Time Contributors to the department (2023-24)

Jody Brandt   Death, Grief and Caring (HDFS 218) Spring

Leah Conner  Intro Interpersonal Relations (HDFS 142) Fall

Margeaux Cronce  Intro Interpersonal Relations (HDFS 142) Fall, Spring

Olivia Cuartas  Child Devlopment (HDFS 210) Spring

Ling Dinse  Community Services for Individuals & Families (HDFS 253) Spring

Bev Goodling   Early child Admin & Practice (HDFS 4521-452) Fall

Veronica Kelly  Latino Families (HDFS 378) Fall

Austin Pritchard  Adolescent Development (HDFS 311) Fall; Human Sexuality (HDFS 244) Fall, Spring; Foundation of Marriage & Family (HDFS 101) Spring

Kristen Reitz, M.S.  Family Resource Management (HDFS 245) Fall; Strategies of Family Life Education (HDFS442) Fall; Foundations of Marriage & Family (HDFS 101) Spring; Adult Development (HDFS 312) Spring

Sasha Roble, M.Ed.  Family and Consumer Sciences Curriculum & Instruction (HDFS 307) Fall


Messiah University colleagues contributing to the FCS Curriculum

Department of Health, Nutrition and Exercise Science: Amy E. Porto, Ph.D.,  Kaitlin E. Gill, MS, RDN, LDN,  Christine Bucher, MA, RD, LDN

Department of Education: Tina Keller, Ph.D.

Erin boyd soisson graduation may 2021
Dr. Erin Boyd-Soisson, Professor of Human Development and Family Science received the 2021 Smith Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award in the category for full professors. She was described by her students as follows:
“She has a clear passion for her teaching, and this is evidenced by her up-to-date knowledge of the material, her ongoing research, and her emphasis on hands-on learning.”
“She is a great professor! She is sure to go at the student's pace while, at the same time, challenging her students toward intellectual growth. She is very passionate about what she teaches and is very committed to student’s success. This is evident in her willingness to spend extra time with students discussing topics that are harder to comprehend. She teaches with so much humility and patience.”
According to Dr. Hamon, HDFS Chair:
“Dr. Boyd-Soisson is a creative, engaging and very knowledgeable professor. She enthusiastically and skillfully teaches our courses in Child Development; Infants, Toddlers and Families, Play and Development and Parenting. She is our resident expert in all things “child.” Her office is littered with (in an organized fashion, of course!) play dough, magic markers, crayons, puzzles, a huge doll house with lots of furniture, Legos, pipe cleaners, building blocks, bins of various other toys, and fetuses of various gestational ages. She uses these props to engage her students in the material she teaches. Since our offices are side-by-side, I am often privy to the creative energy Dr. Boyd-Soisson expends in developing and implementing experiential activities in her classes, each designed to meet specific educational objectives. She is a master teacher and I am thrilled to have her as part of the HDFS team.”

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