Department Faculty

Our faculty not only brings a breadth of education, a depth of expertise, and a wide range experience to our Department but they also take great joy in passing that on to our students. More specifically our faculty are . . .

Accomplished Scholars/Researchers

Our faculty are actively involved in research, publishing, editing, and presenting at the local and national level, many times with students. We are members of several professional organizations and take active leadership roles in many of them. In fact, for the past 9 years a member of our department has served on the Board of the National Council on Family Relations.

Effective Educators

Year after year we receive feedback from our alumni thanking us for preparing them so well for their current job or for graduate school. It is not uncommon for us to hear that students are implementing theories and techniques from our classes into their every day work day, or that our students in graduate school have a foundation that places them at a great advantage over their classmates in their masters level studies. We take pride in being effective in the classroom and continually look for ways to better ourselves and our students' learning experience.

Dedicated to Diversity

Featuring age, ethnic, and gender diversity, our faculty celebrate the differences in people and incorporate this perspective into our teaching. We are intentional about selecting texts and assignments that address matters of diversity and seek to integrate this concept into the very fiber of our program.

Committed Mentors

Our faculty take great pride in mentoring our students and walking along side them on their four-year journey to becoming young scholars and professionals in the field. Our faculty regularly publish and present with our students, work with scholar interns on research and work study assignments, and meet with students personally during advising sessions or simply over lunch one afternoon. We are dedicated to seeing our students grow and mature academically, spiritually, and personally.

Enthusiastic about Family Science

Our faculty are excited about their field and all of its multiple applications and our enthusiasm spills over into all that we do. How each member discovered the field of family science, however, is about as diverse as the various interests each holds in the fields. Read how each of our faculty found their niche in the field.