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Academic Programs

Programs in Our Department 

It could be argued that the family is one of the basic building blocks of society, and as such, a crucial element for the success of our society as a whole, and the overall functioning of our Church within that society. In response to this assertion, our programs help to prepare Christians to enhance individual and family well-being.

Human Development & Family Science (B.A.)
Family & Consumer Sciences Education (B.S.)
Child and Family Services (B.A.) (for TEACH students only)
Children & Youth Services
Multicultural Families
Pre-Counseling and Therapy
Gender Studies
Disability and Family Wellness
Human Development and Family Science
Certification Only
Students who already have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university can earn his/her teaching certification in Family & Consumer Sciences Education (Grades K-12). Learn more.

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    Did you know that the Human Development & Family Science program at Messiah College …
    Did you know that the Family and Consumer Sciences Education program at Messiah College …
    Did you know that the Child and Family Services program at Messiah College …