Looking for some useful and practical family science resources relative to careers, professional organizations, or graduate schools? The following links will connect you with pages filled with resources that come highly recommended by the Human Development & Family Science Department Faculty.

Professional Organizations - This link provides brief descriptions of credible professional organizations within the field of family science. Specifically, we've provided information for and links to organizations that overview the field, as well as those that are specific to some of the field's specialty areas such as Family and Consumer Sciences, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Gerontology.

Graduate Schools - This link provides information about the graduate schools our alumni have attended and offers suggestions for useful resources for researching and selecting graduate schools.

Career Possibilities - Career options in the field of family science are limited only by one's imagination. This link provides general categories of employment listed with potential employers, lots of helpful information from our own department graduates, including several career profiles, a career booklet, and a list of entry-level positions obtained by our graduates, and information about the career panel discussions will hold each semester.