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Gordon in Orvieto

Gordon in Orvieto

The landscape of pre-modern Italy, populated by saints, mystics, artists, and poets, provides a foundation for this semester in Orvieto.  Students examine these traces of Western classical civilization, exploring its relationship with present-day European culture.  Especially appropriate for studio art majors, this program offers classes in the visual arts, creative writing, history, and literature.

Additional information available at Gordon in Orvieto.

Program Advisor
Christine Forsythe, Frey 23
717.776.2511 Ext. 3710

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Experiential Learning Initiative - ELI
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Costs: 2017-2018

Leah Palamaro

"Italian culture taught me a lot about the importance of family, friends, and leisure time. Their entire day is built around time spent socially, saving room for the important things, like food, love, and relaxation. It has made me want to take more time with the people who I love in my life, and to remember to see the beauty all around me."