Uploading an Image to the Image Library

Uploading an Image to the Image Library


Video Tutorial


**Please make sure your images are resized before uploading. 

An image should be no more than 1000 pixels wide for full width images, and 500 pixels for all others. 

You can use Pixlr Editor to resize your image. (Pixlr Tutorial )


Step-by-step Instructions:

Start in Jadu, within your document or homepage.

1 - Place your cursor wherever you want to add the image. 

2 - Click the Image Button from the options above.

3 - Within the Image Library window...

  • Click the Green Plus Button in the top right corner. (This allows you to upload an image from your computer)
  • Click "Choose file" and find the image you want to upload. Click "Upload". 
  • When selecting a category for your image, please select "Messiah Everything" or one of the subcategories under it. Then scroll down and click "Add category".
  • You can give your image a title, or edit the title if the image already has one.
  • Tags are optional.
  • You can add Alternative text for your image. This is not viewable, but is used for web page readers for the visually impaired.
  • When finished, click "Save and Use". Your image is added to your document or homepage.

4 - Double click the image. 

5 - Within the Image Library window...

  • You can choose the alignment for your image. Left, Right, and to some extent Inline will allow text to flow around the image. Center does not allow text to flow around it.
  • You can select if you want the image to have a caption. 
  • If you click "Edit", you can edit the image attributes.
  • Save your image and click "Use this Image".