*Please keep in mind that this timeline is “ideal.”  Timing may change based on your decision-making.

Discuss your interest in grad/professional school with faculty members, your advisor, and a career coach in the CPDC; become familiar with grad school resources in the Career & Professional Development Center; become involved in co-curricular activities that are desired by graduate programs in your field of interest, and work to develop leadership skills.

Meet with a career coach to discuss programs you might like to pursue, along with questions you have about the application process; take note of admissions requirements on websites of programs that appeal to you; take a free practice exam through Kaplan.

Register and prepare for the appropriate graduate school admissions exam (i.e., GRE, LSAT, etc.); sign up for the practice test drive through the Career & Professional Development Center if you haven’t already done so; request catalogs and materials for schools you plan to pursue.

Study and sign up for the grad school admissions exam.  Visit schools and request application materials.  Begin working on the required essays.  Set deadlines for yourself for each step of the application.

Request and collect recommendation letters as well as copies of your official transcript from the Registrar's Office.  Take the appropriate grad school admissions exam.  Have essays reviewed by career coach in the CPDC and at the Writing Center.  Mail/Email completed application package well in advance of the deadline date.

Follow up with schools to ensure your file is complete.  Send fall transcripts if necessary.  Visit schools you’ve been granted acceptance to and evaluate offers.  Apply for assistantship positions.  Notify all accepted schools and references of your decision.

Take time to relax! Consider taking one grad class to get your feet wet. Thank all those who supported you in the process.