J-Term Pastimes in the COMMunity

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J-Term Pastimes in the COMMunity

Students love using J-Term to recuperate from the typical busyness of the 15-credit semester. Here are some favorite J-Term activities and pastimes of a few members of the COMMunity.

Molly Gallagher – “J-Term is a great time for me to reconnect with people. The semesters can be really busy, and the plans to grab a meal with someone to catch up can quickly go to the back burner due to our busy schedules. I'd definitely tell people to utilize all the free time you have in J-Term to do those things on your ‘Messiah bucket list’ because before you know it, your time at Messiah will be quickly coming to a close!”

Jake Miaczynski – “I love hopping in my friends’ car and going for adventures in Harrisburg and areas surrounding Messiah. It's a great time to get out, see something new, and create memories with the people I hold close.”

Charmaine Tan - "I like to spend time with friends, watch movies, do things on my list that I haven't gotten done, relax, and take things easy."

Megan Anderson – “With so much down time in J-term, I like to get off campus and do things I don't have time to do during the regular semester. A few of the fun things I have done with my friends are ice-skating, bowling and a few Bakers runs. There have also been a ton of laid back nights in my room with all my friends and Netflix.”

Amos Chew – “J-term is probably one of the most relaxing times amongst any semester. Besides having an internship, the rest of the day is really up to how much my body is able to take physically or mentally. Playing sports like indoor soccer or basketball helps me get in shape and there are so many people that would come out and play. Some outdoor activities would be a fancy night out at a restaurant or bowling! That's J-term. Anything's possible.”

Gabby Kurtz – “J-Term is a great time to do things with friends that you wouldn't normally have the time to do, like go to Ski Roundtop or play card games with a group of people!”

-Deanna Preziosi '18