Presenting Effectively in Six Minutes and 40 Seconds

Presenting Effectively in Six Minutes and 40 Seconds

Do you have an important presentation coming up? Worried about talking for too long? Insecure about your visual? Can’t seem to get your thoughts organized? SAY NO MORE! Here’s a solution that will make your next presentation, precise, timely, informational, and professional. Presenting: the Pecha Kucha. 

3 Things to know about Pecha Kuchas 

  • A Pecha Kucha is a presentation style with a 20x20 format: 20 slides that each last for 20 seconds, no exceptions. With the strict timing guidelines, each Pecha Kucha presentation is limited to 6 minutes and 40 seconds. 
  • This style of presentation uses the time allotted to focus the presentation’s message, deliver only the necessary information, and put an end to long and monotonous PowerPoint presentations. A Pecha Kucha challenges the presenter to determine what the audience needs to remember most. 
  • Images are the key to effective Pecha Kuchas. The 20 slides of this presentation are imbedded with one powerful image per slide, often illustrations or metaphors of the key points. 

3 Ways to Avoid “Beginner Mistakes” of Pecha Kucha Delivery 

Fact: 20 seconds is not a lot of time, especially when defining, describing, or introducing a topic of study or conducting an analysis. “Practice makes perfect” truly does ring true to Pecha Kucha preparation. Here are a few tips for editing, condensing, and practicing delivery. 

  • Build in Catch-Up Spots: Write a sentence in your presentation that can be omitted if the slide transitions before you’re done speaking. This sentence should contain information about your subject but is not vital to the heart of your analysis. 
  • Memorize Key Points: Memorizing the keys points of each slide for a Pecha Kucha delivery is the best approach. It saves time, but also helps you avoid stumbling over thoughts or words. But be sure to present using a conversational tone of voice rather than the monotone voice of memory. 
  • Tell a Story: The best presentations are often good stories, rather than a plethora of facts strung together. Consider how your story will combine with the images you’ve chosen to solidify your message and take your audience on a journey. 

Pecha Kuchas challenge presenters to condense their ideas and writing to fit a very precise and unique format—resulting in a sharp, engaging, professional presentations that are enjoyable to listen to. 

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- Rebecca Garner ‘17