10 Reasons Students Love Messiah

Check out the 10 reasons students and alumni love Messiah University.

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There’s something about driving up to Messiah's campus and getting that “welcome home” feeling. Friendly faces and genuinely helpful people who want the best for you will surround you. You can’t help but feel like you belong here.

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz

“From the first moment I set foot on campus, it felt like I was home. I fell in love with the beauty surrounding me. Everyone I met was incredibly friendly and genuinely wanted to help me in any way they could. ... It was the place I knew without a doubt that God was leading me to call home.” @becomingliv


Messiah students study and serve in 40+ countries. You will have the option to study from programs ranging from three-weeks to an entire semester! Check out our International Business Institute (9 countries in 8 weeks!) Plus there are opportunities to serve abroad through the Agape Center for Service and Learning with programs such as the Collaboratory or AROMA Sports Ministry for a short-term service trip abroad.

Students and professor in Greece looking over a vast open valley

“I chose Messiah for a few reasons. One was because of the amazing opportunities that Messiah offered to study abroad. No other schools that I applied to had such a wide variety of opportunities and encouraged its students to get out of their comfort zones.” @britkneeannel

Ah yes, we love our community here. Messiah’s goal is to bring together students from different backgrounds who reflect the variety and richness within God’s kingdom. Community comes from the thousands of students who make Messiah’s campus thrive—with fulfilling friendships, passion for Christ and commitment to academic excellence.

A group hugging an individual

“I visited a lot of campuses, but the day I came to Messiah, I immediately knew this was my school. Everywhere we went, students smiled, said hello, offered us direction, and stopped to get to know me. I left that campus tour with friends I still have today. "Community" is a cliché word on campus, but it's for a good reason - the students and staff become family, and Messiah becomes home.” @jcapo73

Messiah is a private Christian university with 2,300 undergraduate students. We're the perfect size. We have amazing academic programs and resources. But it doesn’t take long to grow familiar with faces and places. This also means we have smaller class sizes and a lower student-faculty ratio, which helps students build meaningful relationships with their professors and classmates. 

Students in classroom with female professor

“I realized that in a smaller environment, I have more of a chance to get involved. I feel like my participation would be more valued. My voice would be louder, and I'd make a greater impact. Plus, this college not only promises to make sure I know what I need to know for my career field, but will also seek to challenge and strengthen my worldview and walk with God. I'm excited to join this close-knit, Christ-centered community this fall!” @izzy­_segui

We offer 150+ undergraduate and pre-professional programs, and 25+ graduate degrees and certificate programs. These programs include Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Music and various master’s and doctoral degrees, and include extensive off-campus study, individualized majors, independent study, service-learning and internships

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“I chose Messiah because I wanted to attend a school that had both the major I wanted and had a strong foundation of Christian beliefs. I wanted a school where I could flourish both academically and spiritually and as I look back on my 4 years, I could not be more thankful for all that Messiah has done for me. There is nowhere else I would want to attend.”  @omgitsbrees

With 22 NCAA athletic teams, Messiah’s athletics program (Go Falcons!) focuses on developing NCAA Division III athletes while developing Christian character. Our teams and athletes have won 35 NCAA Division III National Championships since 2000!

Students at game with Flex

“My friends and I love going to cheer on whatever team is playing whether it’s basketball, softball, or soccer. We have our “blue shirt crew” t-shirts and we love cheering Messiah on!” Laila Qarmout

Messiah University’s faculty hold degrees from nationally and internationally recognized schools. They actively contribute to research, scholarly writing and artistic works. Our professors teach from both experience and expertise and are recognized thought-leaders in their fields. 

Engineering professor holding robotic hand

“I loved the idea of having professors that invest in you as more than just students. To this day, this holds true. Messiah professors are genuine, supportive, and passionate about what they do!” @aangowski

“My advisor was my second mom, my mentor for all four years. She pushed me to take initiative I would have never thought of. From studying abroad to being president of the Messiah Public Relations Association, those experiences were obtainable because of the size of the school.” Liz McNeal ‘15

Messiah weaves opportunities for spiritual growth —chapel and worship services; small groups; ministry outreach teams; and community service and mission trips—throughout the college experience. Students will clearly experience our mission “to educate men and women toward maturity of intellect, character and Christian faith in preparation for lives of service, leadership and reconciliation in church and society.”

college ministries - Powerhouse

“At Messiah, I have been able to think anew about my faith and how it intersects with my intellect. I can truly say my faith is my own because I have explored my questions and Messiah has been able to provide me with resources to seek answers.” Megan Eich

From The FalconThe Union CaféLottie Nelson Dining Hall, Café Diem and Messiah University Catering, Messiah is committed to provide a wide variety of great-tasting, nutritious, wholesome foods. Students do not just eat in these locations; they become an essential part of the college experience and provide some of the best memories. Students eat in an enjoyable environment to socialize, learn and interact. Some of the favorites include the traditional chicken cordon bleu, popcorn chicken and, of course, toll house pie.

Patrick from spongebob eating food

“Because popcorn chicken day in Lottie.” @diemgange


Located just 12 miles from Pennsylvania's state capital of Harrisburg, Messiah University is nestled on 375 scenic acres. Visitors and students quickly notice the beauty of the picturesque Yellow Breeches creek that runs through our campus. You can also listen to a lecture in one of our state-of-the-art academic buildings, watch a soccer game at Starry Athletic Complex, hang out at a concert in Larsen Student Union, or simply enjoy the beauty of campus.  (Check out this aerial video of Messiah!) Messiah is also ideally located just a short distance away from the busy cities of Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington D.C.

“Messiah’s campus is really pretty, it’s very calming and there’s a lot to see.” Simina Antal

Aerial view of Messiah University campus


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