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What is worship?

At Messiah University we understand Christian worship to be a holistic representation of our awareness of who we are in relation to God and our response to God's presence in our lives. Worship can characterize all we are and do as Christians and, as such, it cannot be restricted to a church service or a specified time or location.

We affirm the use of music and the creative arts to express and enhance our worship of God and see their use as gifts that edify and transform the body of Christ. All expressions of worship ought to continually challenge us to appreciate how global Christians have expressed their faith in worship and how this reality assists us in our understanding of the grand and majestic Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer of the universe.

We hope you have the opportunity sometime to join us in a corporate expression of worship here on campus. Campus Ministries views worship as a vital portion of students' spiritual formation. Worship has a profoundly transformative effect on our community, for our gathering together represents Christ's larger redemptive work: bringing us together with God and with one another as we corporately sing, listen, and act in response to God's work and faithful presence in and among us.


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