University Temperature Controls

University Temperature Standards

The standard temperatures for heating and cooling at Messiah University are:

Heating - 68 through 72 degrees
Cooling - 74 through 78 degrees 

Personal Space Heater Policy

Please be aware that personal space heaters that are not provided by Facility Services are prohibited to be used in any building on campus. Our University Standard for heating is stated above. If you are aware of spaces where the temperature is below 68 degrees during the heating season a work request should be submitted to Facility Services so that system investigation and repairs can be made. Personal space heaters are very expensive to operate. A 1500 watt electric space heater can increase the university electric bill by as much as $38.00 per month per heater. There is also significant fire hazards associated to the use of certain electric space heaters. Please do not bring any personal heaters or heating devices to our buildings for use.