Emergency Call Services

Facility Services rotates thirteen service technicians and maintenance personal on a weekly bases. Our emergency on call policy is stated below.

The Emergency Maintenance Procedure is to be used when no employees are on duty at the Facility Services Department. Employees that are on duty should be contacted prior to contacting Emergency Maintenance (EM).

All emergency maintenance calls are to be received through Dispatch (CIC).  If maintenance person is called at home, he is to refer the caller to Dispatch (717-691-6005).

Dispatch is to notify the on-duty officer concerning all emergency maintenance calls.  An emergency maintenance call is defined as follows:

  1. a life threatening situation (exposed wires, odor of something burning but unable to locate the source, etc.);
  2. damage to property;
  3. a reasonable call of discomfort (no heat, no water, etc.);
  4. loss of productivity (dishwasher or stove in kitchen not working).

The on-call person should be contacted at a reasonable hour if the call is not an emergency.  If the emergency maintenance request is received after 11:00 PM and it is not an emergency, then it can wait until the next day.  Dispatch should forward all information related to the maintenance requests to the Facility Services office via. phone mail or electronic work order.  Please include the Department of Safety incident number if one has been assigned.

A Department of Safety officer is to respond to the location of the problem and report back to the dispatcher if the on-call person is to be notified using the following criteria.

When calling the on-call person Dispatch should call their home number first, then proceed to call the on-call pager & cell phone if they were not reached at home.  Unless specified otherwise on the Emergency On Call list.

Heating and Air conditioning calls



Department of Safety should check room temperature at thermostat and make sure that the thermostat is set correctly. 
If the temperature is measured at the thermostat and it is below 67 or over 77 degrees contact emergency maintenance. 
Otherwise advise the caller that Facility Services will look at the problem during the next business day.

Air Conditioning

Department of Safety should check room temperature at thermostat and make sure that the thermostat is set correctly. 
If the temperature is measured at the thermostat and it is below 67 or over 77 degrees then:

  • Prior to 10:00 pm > contact emergency maintenance about problem.
  • After 10:00 pm and there is no medical problem involved, supply a fan to the room and advise the caller that Facility Services will look at their AC the next business day.

F162 Temperature alarms should be reported to emergency maintenance.

Water problems


Running water

Campus events or Department of Safety should shut off water if possible.
Contact emergency maintenance if unable to shut off water or in the event of a pipe break. Toilet or Shower


All toilets must be plunged by the occupants of the apartment, ALC, or Campus Events (All apartments are assigned a plunger).
If unsuccessful contact EM prior to 10:00 pm. 
Otherwise after 10:00 p.m. the public restrooms can be used except for the Smith Apartments.

Residence Halls

An out of order sign is to be posted on the problem fixture by resident director, Campus Events, or Department of Safety. If the toilet is overflowing and will not stop, Dispatch is to contact Campus Events who will plunge and attempt to shut off any water. If Campus Events can not shut the water off, they will have dispatch call emergency maintenance and emergency maintenance will relay to the Campus Events person how to shut off the water.

Hot water heaters

Apartments: If after 10:00 p.m., it can wait until the next day.  Otherwise Department of Safety should check the water temperature and contact emergency maintenance if you have no hot water.
Residence Halls: Resident Director or Department of Safety should check temperature at another location and call emergency maintenance if below 100 degrees. 
Leaking water heaters: Department of Safety or Campus Events should shut-off valves to water heater and turn off breaker and contact emergency maintenance at a convenient hour.  If unable to shut-off valves or breakers contact emergency maintenance.

Door problems or Lock malfunctions

If the malfunction is not life-threatening or it does not compromise  building/personnel security, leave a phone mail message for Facility Services Work Control Center; otherwise contact the following in the order shown:

  • Contact emergency maintenance
  • Dutys Lock Service (717-761-6337)

If Dutys needs to drill out an interchangeable core, they can use the master-keyed core, special control key, and five operating keys (for temporary use by the room/apartment occupants) which have been supplied to Department of Safety for this purpose.  On the next working day, Key Services can restore the cores back to normal.

In any event

*Emergency maintenance is to notify Dispatch when they arrive on campus.  They are also to advise Dispatch when they are leaving.

**An incident report is to be completed and forwarded to Facility Services for all Requests.