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Honors Program

Honors Program


The Honors Program exemplifies Messiah University's commitment to academic excellence and fostering an intellectually rigorous Christian world view.

The Honors Program is designed for students who demonstrate high scholarly ability early in their academic career.  The program provides a series of interdisciplinary honors courses which satisfy selected general education requirements.  Participation in the program culminates in an honors research project, typically during the senior year.  In addition, various campus activities are designed each semester for participants in the Honors Program.

Admission to the program is highly competitive and students selected for the Honors Program receive either full tuition (Trustees') or partial tuition (President's or Faculty) scholarships.


“The Messiah University Honors Program helps bright, curious students who wish to further hone their gifts and talents within a community that is both rigorous and supportive. For over twenty years now, graduates have been making their mark in the world by contributing to the growth of knowledge and the well-being of others, all to the honor and glory of God.”

  • Dr. James B. LaGrand, Ph.D., Honors Program Director



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