Student Computer Services (SCS)

ETS Help Desk: What We Do For Students!

What ETS Help Desk Will Do For Students

  • We will make sure that student's personal computers can access the internet from their residence hall or campus apartment.
  • We will support students with questions related to the use of our Learning Management System, Canvas.
  • We will support students with questions related to the use of Microsoft Office 365, which is provided for free to all active students by going to
  • We will ensure your existing virus protection software is working.
  • We will install and run anti-malware software to help fight against internet popups.
  • Other software configuration or setup may be done at the discretion of the Director of Technology Support. Services performed will depend on the availability of personnel and time.
  • We will answer as many questions as possible. To contact us with any questions\issues:

We do NOT service or provide support for the following:

  • Computers with Windows 7 or lower operating systems
  • Printers (and all other peripherals)
  • Switches or USB hubs (hardware problems)
  • Gaming Systems
  • Smart Devices

Is there a charge for these services?

The ETS Help Desk performs all work free of charge for Messiah students.

What problems can ETS Help Desk help with?

The first priority of ETS Help Desk is to make sure all students can access the campus network. We will help students free their computers of viruses and install free anti-virus on computers without current, working anti-virus software. As time provides and at the discretion of the Director, Technology Support Services we will also provide software and hardware installation and support.