Contact the Department of Business

To learn about admission to Messiah College, or to contact an enrollment specialist, please visit our Admissions site. Otherwise, please feel free to contact any of us in the Business program via email or phone: 717-796-1800 (extensions listed below)

Office Contact Information:

Mindy Lange- 122 Frey Hall X7127-, Department of Business/International Business Institute Office

Faculty Contact Information:

Andrew Babyak- 121 Frey Hall- x2883- Department Chair/Assistant Professor of Management

Michael Dolislager- 126 Frey Hall- x2885- Assistant Professor of Economic Development

Jennifer J. Dose- 123 Frey Hall- x2320 Professor of Management

David J. Hagenbuch - 125 Frey Hall - x7256 -  Professor of Marketing

Kathleen Johnston- 127 Frey Hall- x2408- Associate Professor of Accounting


Laura McNear - 131 Frey Hall- x6990 - Assistant Professor of Accounting


Vince LaFrance - 132 Frey Hall - x7030 -  Interim Managing Director - International Business Institute

Rodney Sauder- 129 Frey Hall- x2884,  Assistant Professor of Accounting

Dwayne Safer- 135 Frey Hall- X2581,  Assistant Professor of Finance

Keith A. Quesenberry- 128 Frey Hall- X2886, Professor of Marketing

Michael Zigarelli- 130 Frey Hall- X2327, Professor of Leadership and Strategy