Assessment of Student Learning

The Department of Business is committed to continuous improvement and to assessing its courses an learning outcomes. Our program learning outcomes are consistent with the Messiah College College-Wide Educational Objectives, in particular the College-Wide Major Learning objectives, which are stated as follows:

To attain specialized knowledge in at least one area of study. This includes:

  • Understanding foundational content, practices and philosophical and ethical assumptions of one’s specialized area of study.
  • Preparing to engage in scholarship in one’s specialized area of study and providing the opportunity for scholarship activities related to one’s disciplinary and/or professional pursuits.
  • Develop proficiency in one’s specialized area of study sufficient to pursue a career and/or continue education at the graduate level
  • Gaining an awareness of options for employment, voluntary service, and/or graduate education in one’s specialized area of study in the context of reflection on one’s sense of vocation.
  • Articulating how faith connects to one’s specialized area of study and to potential career options in that area of study.

Toward that end, graduating students biannually complete the ETS Major Field Test in Business which provides an overall assessment of their understanding of the discipline as well as eight subscales. Scores are provided as percentiles in comparison to students at over 600 other colleges and universities.

Table of Major Field Test Results

Other Student Learning Outcome Assessment Results (Standard 4)

Organizational Performance Results (Standard 6)

Other assessment results can be found at: