I Need to Report

Sexual Misconduct/Assault

An array of safety, medical, psychological, and administrative services are in place and immediately available to students reporting sexual assault.  The university is committed to supporting students’ exercise of informed choice among these services.  Sexual assault can be reported through the following channels:

  • The Department of Safety (dial x6565)
  • The local police  (dial 9-911 from on campus phone)
  • Campus Emergency telephones identified by a blue light are located throughout the campus and can be used to report crimes or other types of emergencies or to call any on-campus extension. Specific numbers for other emergency services are posted on telephone receivers.

For help managing situations that do not pose an immediate threat, you may also contact:

  • The Vice Provost Dean of Students (dial x3760)
  • The Vice President of Human Resources & Compliance (dial x5300)
  • The Associate Provost for Graduate and Non-traditional Programs (dial x2980)

Sexual Misconduct Incident Report

Anonymous Reporting

The Department of Safety maintains a "silent witness" feature (Anonymous Report form) which allows students or employees to report crimes without providing their names or other identifying information.  The information provided is received by the Director of Safety and the Assistant Directors of Safety.  Upon receipt, all information is thoroughly investigated to the best of the department’s ability, based on information received.  Information sent through this site, while checked on a regular basis, is not monitored 24 hours a day. Therefore, the Silent Witness form SHOULD NOT be used for emergencies that require immediate response or those that are life threatening in nature.