Air Travel, Airport Parking and Airport Transfers

Air Travel


Please review Messiah University EXPENDITURE POLICY (section 6) and see below for additional best practices


Fare savings are often available by making travel reservations at least seven days in advance (larger discounts are often available 14 – 21 days prior to departure). The University encourages travelers to make reservations as soon as possible when the need for a trip becomes known.

Significant airfare savings may be achieved by using alternate airports, for example, Lancaster, Baltimore or Philadelphia. Fares into alternate airports will be investigated by Travel Time. Travelers are encouraged to consider and accept reasonable alternatives. Additional ground transportation costs should be considered when making air travel arrangements.

Adjusting departure time by a few hours can significantly reduce the fare. Please give the consultant a range for travel times so that she is able to determine the most cost effective itinerary.  If a flight schedule allows for the arrival of a traveler at his/her destination within two hours of his/her original request, with a price advantage of at least $50, the traveler is encouraged to accept that flight.

Fees associated with student OR EMPLOYEE-initiated changes in return date are the responsibility of the student OR EMPLOYEE.

Lost or stolen tickets should be reported to Travel Time Travel Agency immediately. If tickets are lost while traveling, contact the next scheduled airline. Most airlines will refund the full amount less a minimal processing fee.

AIRPORT PARKING GUIDELINES - University-owned vehicles should NOT be left at the airport overnight

  • Less than one day – short term parking
  • Up to three days – long term parking
  • Longer than three days – satellite parking
  • Longer than seven days – compare the cost of an airport shuttle with the cost of driving and parking to determine the most economical choice