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What is the difference between Politics and Political Science? Why are the degrees offered in the department B.A. degrees rather than B.S. degrees?
Can I have a concentration within my major of Politics?
What if I just want to try your major? What class should I take to get a broad overview?
What are some of the courses I might take?
Can AP or CLEP credit substitute for a core course, or otherwise count toward the major?
If I want to go to law school, should I major in Politics or minor in Pre-Law?
What is the Pre-Law Minor?
Can I have a minor in Politics?
Can I add a minor or double major to my politics major without having to stay extra semesters?
Are there any special academic opportunities for students in your department?
Is there a possibility that I can get an internship in the community?
Can I study abroad in this program?
Can I do an Independent or Directed Study?
What is a Department Honors Project?
What is the difference between a Department Honors Project and a Senior Honors Project?
Where do your graduates go for graduate school?
What kind of jobs have your graduates gotten after graduation?
What is the average salary for a person with a degree in Politics?
How do I find out more information?