Director’s welcome

Welcome to the Graduate Program in Education at Messiah University.

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We are a passionate and engaged community of students and faculty who share a common commitment to advancing the field of education in service to all learners. We pursue excellence not to advance ourselves, but rather to be excellent in our service to others. 

At Messiah you will find graduate courses designed to develop leaders who recognize and address both challenges and opportunities, practitioners with a deep understanding of theory and its applications, and collaborators who work effectively with others to more effectively serve and empower all learners within their influence.

As practitioners, collaborators, and leaders, students who graduate from Messiah with a Master of Education degree can expect to make a lasting impact on their communities, colleagues, students and students' families. Students who elect to complete a degree or nondegree program will benefit from a robust curriculum that is committed to preparing exemplary educators.

The graduate program's faculty strives to foster within students the capabilities an educated population needs to think, plan, contribute, create, analyze and innovate. By enrolling students from the local area, the region, and countries around the world, we are exposed to multiple viewpoints and are challenged to see education anew. Our students and faculty are encouraged to imagine how education can be, not just accept how it is. 

If you are looking to increase your understanding, skills, and vision for education, I invite you to consider enrolling in the Graduate Program in Education at Messiah University. 


Christina Simmons, Ph.D.
Director, Graduate Program in Education and Teacher Education
Assistant Professor of Education