Join Us for Discipleship Community Every Thursday morning during chapel, location TBD.


Discipleship is...  

Structured reflection

These activities nurture the attributes of the 'dokimoi ergatai' (approved worker) and help students to evaluate their personal values and commitments while growing toward a mature Christian faith. Students are encouraged to foster a sense of vocation and to think about integrating faith with an occupation. Discipleship activities include a thematic chapel series and prayer breakfasts. Meetings are held on Thursday morning during chapel time. 

Fostering students' development as ethical beings

Service-learning is an engagement pedagogy that achieves holistic, value changing, and action oriented learning objectives. It places students in contact with the needs of others, in relationship with persons different from themselves, and is of long enough duration to facilitate mutual understanding and tangible results. The Collaboratory enhances the curricular and co-curricular learning at Messiah University by implementing pedagogical innovations that enable students to express value commitments and disciplinary knowledge through creative, hands on problem-solving in real-life settings.