Curriculum Integration

Curriculum Integration

Curriculum integration is a strategy of the Collaboratory to institutionalize engagement learning within the credit bearing programs of the University. 

At Messiah, the Department of Engineering integrates the organizational structure, educational vision, and program strategies of the Collaboratory into a seminar series and project courses in the Integrated Projects Curriculum (IPC). Every engineering student is provided with an internship with one of the projects in the Collaboratory. As project members, students are provided with academic credit and a weekly project work time. Students interested in a leadership position or who desire to have additional involvement in their project are encouraged to attend project meetings and Collaboratory discipleship events outside the requirements of the curriculum. 

Students from any year of study or academic discipline are encouraged and welcomed to volunteer and join a Collaboratory project!

Students receiving credit represent only a portion of participants in the Collaboratory. Volunteers are integral in fulfilling the mission of the organization through their project contributions. To learn how you might be able to get involved, visit the Get Involved tab to see where you can join!