Collab Internal

Collab Internal

Project Resources

Safety Manual

See P. 105 Appendix A for Project Safety Checklist

Leadership Application - will reopen in spring of 2022

In spring of 2021, use this form to apply for positions that begin in fall 2021:

  • Assistant Student Director
  • Student Program Director
  • Student Board Representatives - 2 openings
  • Student Discipleship Community Leaders - 8 openings

Guidelines for Collaboratory Projects

Provides guidelines and definitions for project activity related to Project Reviews, Project Reports, and Project Records. Document is found on on the resources board.

Other Resources

Project Charter Template

Document is found on on the resources board.

Project Report Template

     how-to video for project report template

Project Record Template 

     how-to video for project record template

Global Timeline

     Global Timeline Model - example in Visio

     Global Timeline Model - example in PPT

     Global Timeline Template in Word

Petty Cash Reimbursements Form




Collaboratory Powerpoint Template

Please download this to use for Collaboratory related presentations. 

Site Team Resources

Site Team Proposal Form

  • Click the link above fill out the Site Team Proposal Form that would need to be approved by Collaboratory leadership.  The Site Team Handbook has useful information regarding the process of submission.

Site Team Partner Organization Vetting Form

  • Click the link above to complete information needed when partnering with a new organization for site team travel. 

Collaboratory Community Engagement Scholarship Application

  • Scholarship for site team travel based on need.

Site Team Budget Template

  • Advisors, please use this template to formulate a budget for your site team trip.

Site Team Donor Contact Template

  • Use ONLY this template for donor contact list.  Please submit to office when complete by due date.



Telling Your Project Story Through Collaboratory Marketing

For assistance regarding setup and editing of a blog please email Collaboratory Administration.

For assistance on website edits and social media posts, please email Collaboratory Marketing.