The Collaboratory began in 1996 as a single project under the name 'Dokimoi Ergatai' and grew into multiple projects that needed organization with structures and serviceWell Drillings to promote quality, collaboration and resource sharing. The 'Dokimoi Ergati' organizational structure developed into the Collaboratory for Strategic Partnerships and Applied Research at Messiah College. 

In 2000, the Provost of Messiah College authorized the formation of the Collaboratory to organize longstanding co-curricular service projects under the leadership of several faculty members in the Department of Engineering. The Harsco Corporation awarded a lead grant to form the organization. Major additional funding by Leif and Carol Uptegrove in 2004 helped to expand the mission of the Collaboratory. 

The idea of being Dokimoi Ergatai or ‘approved workers' for God speaks clearly to followers of Jesus, but the words themselves are difficult to pronounce and they do not communicate our mission of "collaboration," "partnership" and "applied research" to off-campus partners. Dokimoi Ergatai is our ethos, a phrase that expresses our desire to become God's approved workers. We have therefore made Dokimoi Ergatai the name of the Collaboratory newsletter, and the logo appears on Collaboratory marketing and publication materials to remind us that we belong to God.

The Collaboratory is an organization within the School of Science, Engineering and Health and is amenable to the Dean of the School. Through academic and professional engagement, we work to integrate our passions and abilities and provide sustainable solutions to problems in our own neighborhoods and around the world.