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Media and Press

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Collaboratory Partner ITEC has video podcast called Mission Minded.  They did a podcast on solving complex problems through partnership and they interviewed Project Manager and Student Project Manager of the Falcon Unmanned Aerial Vehichle project. See interview here.



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Intelligent Water Management System - now called Intelligent Water Project

Collaboratory Disability Resources  

Joni Ereckson Tada on The Collaboratory  

View the Introduction to the Collaboratory Video (2009)  

View the Mali Water and Disabilities Study Video  

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Messiah College nonprofit builds bridge in Panama - Collaboratory Bridge Team builds a new bridge in Panama for a safe commute across the river for 70,000 people Central Penn Business Journal
Little girl gets new hand - Raptor Hand project uses 3D printer technology to develop prosthetic hand



Cooperation, Language Skills Key to Stopping Sex Trade in India Icon_india
3 ways you can combat sex trafficking sponser
College puts alternative energy to the test
Innovation Transfer Network



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