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Amy Nicols

Amy Nicols

Resident Director for Mountain View Residence and Special Interest Houses

RD Mountain View

Amy Nicols joined the Messiah University family in August 2015.


Seven Things You Should Know about Amy:

  1. She made the decision to commit her life to Jesus at the young age of four. She continues to learn more about Jesus every day and is constantly astounded by the abundant love He offers.
  2. She is a proud New Englander originally from Massachusetts which means that she is also an obnoxious Patriots fan.
  3. She had the idea of being a Residence Director when she was a sophomore at Gordon College. So we can say that she is living the dream job!
  4. She is strongly connected to an orphanage called Casa de la esperanza located in Tijuana, Mexico. With her 10-month job, she loves to spend at least a month down there every summer.
  5. She is a bit of a nut for personality tools. She often tests people to determine their Enneagram number and can talk for hours about it. She is also an eternal optimist and Positivity is her number one “Strengths Finder” strength.
  6. Her bucket list items include but are not limited to: become fully fluent in the Spanish language, travel to every state in the United States (36/50), and travel to every state in Mexico (6/32).
  7. She is a bit of an extrovert and loves spending time around people. She finds it so energizing to be on a college campus filled with great people.


Contact Information:

Amy Nicols
Residence Director for Mountain View Hall and Special Interest Houses
Suite 4502, Messiah University
One University Avenue
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
Tel.: (717) 796-5210
Fax: (717) 691-2367


Amy's Fall 2020 Office Hours: