Job Duties

In-Building Responsibilities


Purpose: Be present to answer on-clock phone (Lockouts, emergencies, RA/RD support, safety issues, random resident questions, storage, etc.)


  • Before 7pm, un-forward the previous night’s phone and forward the on-clock phone to your cell.

  • By 7pm be in your room (or on your floor if forwarding to your cell phone). You are on-clock until 7am the following morning.

  • If you miss a call, check voicemail promptly as soon as you see it.

  • You may use this time however you choose (e.g. homework, sleep, spending time with residents in your room, etc.) BUT answering the phone is your main priority.

  • While remaining in the building(s), make your presence known to the people around you (i.e. open door, stop by residents' rooms, etc.)

  • Immediately following your shift, you should log your calls.



Purpose: Presence and visibility (“meet ‘n greet” and building rapport with residents)


  • Each night between 9pm and 1am, one walk-through all of the building(s) should be completed. If your staff covers two different buildings, you must do a walk-through of both.

  • Timing for the walk-through should vary from night to night. You should also be varying your various walk times within the month. 

  • Keep your eyes open for maintenance, policy violations and safety issues (including propped doors, etc).

  • Visit the “on-clock” RA J (in case they get lonely!)

  • Immediately following your shift, you should log your walk time and note any issues.



Purpose: Deepen relationships with residents on your floor/section


  • Spend at least 4 hours a week on your floor/section with the intention of deepening relationships.

  • Time should be a mixture of planned and spontaneous “Intentional Connections”

  • Examples of how you may spend this time (including, but not limited to…)


                              -LT Time 

                              -“Hanging out” on the floor/section

                              -Small Groups and/or Koinonia