Return to Campus Plan for Fall 2020

Messiah University is in session this fall with flexible in-person and remote learning options, health and safety protocols and student care and support.


Core courses

Communication at the Core

Whether you're producing a film, troubleshooting technical difficulties in the sound booth, planning an event, covering a story for The Pulse: Media Hub, or negotiating a conflict, strong communication skills give you the foundation you need to work with others effectively and graciously.

Comm coursesAs a student in the Department of Communication, you’ll take the required courses below to form the foundation for your more specialized major studies. These include: Fundamentals of Oral Communication, Introduction to Communication Seminar and Communication Theory or Rhetorical Theory. Your studies will culminate with communication Senior Seminar, a course designed to help you reflect on your vocation from a Christian perspective and prepare you to launch you career. In addition you'll take a required media course, interpersonal course and a major writing course to ensure competence in all aspects of communication. 

One of the following media courses:

  • COMM 211 - Media in Everyday Life
  • COMM 218 - Mass Media and Society
  • COMM 282 - Topics in Media Studies
  • COMM 382 - History & Theory of Digital Media

One of the following interpersonal communication courses:

  • COMM 241 - Small Group Communication
  • COMM 313 - Relational Communication
  • COMM 342 - Intercultural Communication
  • COMM 354 - Interpersonal Conflict

One of the following major writing courses:

  • COMM 247 - Writing for Mass Media
  • COMM 254 - Screenwriting I
  • ENGL 112 - Newswriting
  • ENGL 212 - Magazine Writing
  • COMM 351 - Public Relations Writing

Detailed course descriptions may be found in the Course Catalog