ELI Off-Campus Program Information

What is a Career Application?

To ensure that the ELI leads to the stated outcomes of career development and community engagement, students will be required to translate the learning from their reflection into a career application is a tangible product that contextualizes the outcomes of an experience in a way that is meaningful and relevant for an intended audience. At the conclusion of the experience, students must practice articulating the transferable skills and competencies resulting from the experience which are relevant to an external audience, such as a future employer or graduate program. For semester-long programs, students have the ability to decide what they want their career application to look like, and will need to discuss their ideas with their ELI advisor at the beginning of their experience.

In cross-cultural courses, the faculty leader will determine what the final reflective assignment will be for their course and will articulate that to students in the course syllabi at the beginning of the course.

Students participating in semester-long programs should choose from the following list of possible final reflective assignments/career applications:

All ELI experiences will be evaluated through the following rubric.