ELI Off-Campus Program Information

Reflection Questions and Learning Outcomes

At the conclusion of the experience, students will describe their learning outcomes, and response to these  common reflection questions and will evaluate Learning Objective Outcomes:

Reflection Questions

As a result of your ELI experience…

1. What knowledge and skills were you able to hone or gain in this ELI experience that you could apply within a professional context? Describe and give examples from your experience of at least two transferable skills you gained/honed from the experience.

For example, communication (speaking, listening, interpersonal), adaptability, creativity, team work, leadership, problem solving, critical thinking, conflict resolution, decision making, and time management are all valuable, transferable professional skills. Describe how or why those skills might benefit you in a professional setting in the future.

2. What did “community” look like in your particular experience, and how did your engagement in this experience further shape your understanding of community?   As you reflect on your experience, what is one specific way you foresee your future self-engaging in and contributing to community? 

Your answer could relate to areas such as: purposeful influence in church and society; the work of reconciling individuals with God, each other, and/or creation; or demonstrating the love of God in service to others.​​​​​​​

Learning Objective Outcomes

At the conclusion of the experience, students will document the outcomes of their learning goals:

Did you achieve what you hoped to learn or be able to do, as stated in your learning goals?  If so, provide supportive evidence of this.  If not, provide rationale for why you did not achieve your goal(s).