Degree Re-Evaluation for Former Graduate Students

Degree Re-Evaluation for Former Graduate Students

Former graduate students of Messiah University who did not complete outstanding degree requirements may request to re-open their Application for Degree for purposes of evaluation. Students who are more than twelve (12) months from their original anticipated date of graduation are subject to a $75 fee which is assessed at the time the application is re-opened. After the evaluation, students have six (6) months to complete the outstanding requirements for the degree and after that time may be subject to an additional fee if another evaluation is required.

Note that the student is required to complete the curriculum and graduation requirements in effect at the time the application is re-opened. If requirements have changed since the student’s last attendance at Messiah, he or she is subject to the new requirements.

1. REQUEST: Please complete the Graduate Studies Degree Re-Evaluation Request Form (PDF). Type your responses into the fields or use the mouse to select options, then print and sign the form. Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® is required when viewing, completing and printing PDF files. You can download a free version of this software by clicking here
IMPORTANT: To comply with federal regulations governing the privacy of educational records, Messiah University requires the penned signature of the student to release academic records. Electronic/digital signatures will not be accepted.

2. PAYMENT: The degree re-evaluation fee is $75. Please note: financial obligations to the University must be satisfied before the degree re-evaluation is processed. To pay by credit card, please click the Credit Card Payment link on the request form or click on the link provided below.

Secure Online Payment 

OR: Mailed request/checks may be sent to the following address:
Messiah University
Office of the Registrar
One University Avenue
Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

3. UPLOAD: Scan your signed/completed form and upload it using Messiah's Secure File Upload Service. Click here to upload your request.

You will receive a notification once your file has been uploaded successfully, as well as an email confirmation to the address you provided. You will receive a follow-up communication from the Registrar’s Office once the review of your record is complete, noting any outstanding degree requirements and the stipulations by which they must be completed for degree conferral.