Purchasing textbooks for graduate programs

Through Messiah's partnership with Slingshot, you are auto-enrolled to receive your required textbooks and course materials automatically, delivered to your home or campus store. Once you enroll for your course or courses*, the default setting will be for you to rent your books, but you may change that to purchasing or using digital formats in your account preferences. To change your preference, use your Messiah credentials and log into You may also look up pricing for your materials, see when rentals are due, access required digital materials, and update your mailing address through your portal.

When you sign into your account portal, you may also access a live chat feature to receive assistance from Slingshot.

For assistance regarding Messiah's campus store, you may contact Ms. Aleisha Wildon at

*Please allow up to 24 hours upon your registration in order for your Slingshot account to be active.

Slingshot Choice EA Program.mp4 from Slingshot.