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Science, Engineering and Health Symposium

Symposium Postcard 2019

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Photos from the 2019 Symposium

Amber Orner

Biochemistry '19

Immunotherapy targeting an insertion sequence in an altered tumor-associated growth receptor associated with aggressive pancreatic cancers

Andrew LaRow

Biochemistry '19

Clarifying the connection between oncogenic K-ras and gastrin/CCK2R signaling in pancreatic tumorigenesis

Bailey Rhodes

Chemistry ACS Certified '20

AFM characterization of variable-head/variable-etch self-assembled monolayers on ZnSe

Jarred Tritt

Biochemistry ACS Certified '19

Mitochondrial apo-cytochrome c vector construction and purification

Josiah Nisly

Chemistry ACS Certified '19

Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Nitride Electrodes for Efficient Oxygen Reduction

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Photos from the 2018 Symposium

Jarred Tritt

Biochemistry ACS Certified '19

Ecocatalysts in Organic Synthesis

Abigail Hing

Biochemistry '18

Method Development for the Determination of Cyanide Concentration in Chaya.

Jordan Sponsler

Biochemistry '19

Creation of a Fluorescent Fusion Protein for HIV-1 Viral Load Measurements

Sarah O'Boyle

Chemistry ACS Certified '19

Characterization of alkanethiolate self-assembled monolayers on zinc selenide thin films

Alex Maccallini

Chemistry '18

Developing a Vernier GC Laboratory Project for Chemical Analysis I