Sexuality and Gender Education (SAGE)

Welcome to SAGE

Welcome to the Sexuality and Gender Education (SAGE) program website. As you engage with SAGE, please remember that Messiah University is a Christ-centered academic community. Our mission is to educate. As such, we have a foundational commitment to biblical understanding and the values that flow out of our Christian identity and mission. (Read Messiah University's sexual behavior expectations in the student handbook.)

We believe a Christ-centered academic community should nurture a learning environment where:

  • All members are valued and treated with respect and compassion
  • All members feel that they are in a welcoming and safe place where they can grow
  • All members are expected to demonstrate God’s grace and understanding to each other
  • All members are encouraged to pursue love and obedience as the calling of all Christians
  • All members are taught to embrace their primary identity in Christ which transcends identity with other specific groups and affiliations
  • All members are encouraged to engage in civil and constructive educational dialogue on all topics, so that our graduates will be prepared to work in and witness to the church and society
  • All Christians can live lives that exemplify the fruit of the Spirit, turning away from temptation and embodying love, kindness, gentleness and mercy

What is SAGE?

SAGE stands for Sexuality and Gender Education. It is an educational program at Messiah University that exists to provide opportunities for enhanced care and support for students while cultivating learning and leadership development within the broad themes of relationships, sexuality, and gender rooted in Messiah’s biblical understanding and the values that flow out of our Christian identity and mission.

SAGE includes two connected and distinct branches of educational programming, SAGE Prism and SAGE Connects—each with its own individual purpose statement and educational advising.

  • SAGE Prism provides opportunities for students to regularly fellowship together in a welcoming, student-centered learning environment with an emphasis on LGBT+ matters and concerns.
  • SAGE Connects provides programming and collaborative events throughout the academic year on relationships, sexuality and gender topics for the entire campus community.

SAGE also works with partnerships across campus and the local community to provide students with diverse, informed learning opportunities and access to resources.

SAGE Desired Learning Outcomes

As a result of engaging with SAGE programming, participants will ...

  1. Develop a healthy sense of sexual and relational self through pursuing Christ-centered shalom.
  2. Be able to articulate components of healthy and meaningful relationships within the framework of a Christian community.
  3. Be able to identify ways in which Christian faith informs an ethic of relational and sexual practices.
  4. Be able to summarize the biblical and historical approach to sexuality and gender taken by Messiah University.
  5. Be able to—through honest, loving, collaborative and critical conversations—articulate how Messiah’s approach to sexuality shapes life together in a diverse community.

Contact SAGE

SAGE is a part of the Division of Student Success & Engagement and is under the direction of the Vice Provost of Student Success and Engagement. Programming and student engagement through SAGE are advised by co-curricular educator(s) within the Messiah community. Curious about something?

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