Chapel policies

Chapel Policy & General Etiquette

A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference. ~ Winnie the Pooh


A few things you should know about the chapel attendance policy and helpful etiquette for the benefit of all:

  • Chapel begins promptly at the advertised start time. Doors will be closed 10 minutes into the service. Students will not be allowed entrance after that time.
  • Sitting along the walls is a fire hazard. Students are asked to find a chair in which to sit during the service.
  • Show consideration to those leading and to those sitting around you. Turn off your devices and put your homework away.
  • Should a trip to the restroom be necessary during chapel, be prepared to leave your ID with the student card reader at the door in order to be granted re-entrance.
  • Students must have their IDs present to tap/swipe at the end of chapel in order to receive credit for their attendance. If you forget your ID or forget to tap/swipe, you cannot receive credit.
  • Watch your tap/swipe carefully. Only two beeps (one short, one long) with a green light indicates a successful tap/swipe and the appropriate credit applied to your account. Make sure the swipe before you has cleared the machine before attempting to swipe your own ID card. Temporary cards that have expired will not receive chapel credit.