Chapel policies

iAttended QR code for downloading app

Recording Chapel Attendance

New to attending chapel? All you need is your cell phone! No waiting for your attendance to register in the system. Instant access to your records puts you in the driver's seat as you track your required chapels. The attendance set-up involves two SIMPLE steps:

Step 1) Download the iAttended app from this QR code. When prompted to verify, you must use your Messiah email. We recommend using the Microsoft option to do so. After you install the app and log in, click the "Enter Code" button at the bottom of the screen and enter GW8G to load and subscribe to our upcoming chapels. 

Step 2) Go to chapel with your smartphone and at the end, Campus Ministries staff will display a QR code on the overhead screens. Just open your phone camera, scan the code, and watch your attendance credit register. If your battery dies, you forget your phone altogether, or you're just having difficulty with the scan, stop by one of the card reader attendants stationed at the main exits. They will have an iPad wth the QR code and/or can assist you to ensure you receive credit.

No smartphone? No problem - just email us at at the start of the semester and we'll help you get credit.

REMEMBER: All full-time students have a chapel requirement - 14 credits for residential students and 7 for commuters.