Events Widget

How to add Event Widgets & Create Events

The event list widget allows you to display events that were created using the Events module (Publishing > Events).  You can display events that you have created or that other offices have created by assigning the correct category to the widget.



Adding an Event Widget

Creating an Event

Display time

To display am / pm times, please enter ‘military time’ or the 24 hour clock time in the back-end (Jadu editor).  For example, to display and event that begins at 2pm and ends at 3:30pm, please end the time in this manner:
Start time: 14:00
End time: 15:30

The time will display as:
Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm


Event List Examples


To create your own event listing, please contact Web Services via the help form: /webhelp  and request access to the Events module.