Book of the Year "Confessions"

Image of the cover photo of Augustine's Confessions

Messiah University Honors Program Book of the Year for 2022-23: "Confessions"

The Book of the Year 

Students during their first year in the Honors Program together read a book over the course of the academic year that has been chosen by the program. The Book Of The Year changes from year to year, but all the books that are part of this program are essential books that have proven to be transformative for countless readers. The BOTY program offers an opportunity to explore fundamental questions along with a great circle of readers and discussants through the ages. Moreover, it contributes to the maturity of intellect, character, and Christian faith among participating students, and builds bonds among them as they read and converse together.


Augusine's Congessions - BOTY for 2022-2023

The BOTY for 2022-23 is Augustine’s Confessions (trans. F. J. Sheed)