Schedule an Appointment

Writing Center tutor greets client.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment, click here or log into Falconlink and select the “Learning Center/Writing Center Appointments” tab. Then, follow the steps below: 

1. Select “New Appointment."

2. Select “A Writing Center Tutor."

3. Select the course related to your assignment or the “No Associated Course” option. 

4. Select whether or not you are a remote student. 

*Note: Writing Center appointments are primarily held in-person, but online appointments can be scheduled by commuters, dual-enrolled students, and quarantined students. 

5. Select whether or not you are part of the Writing Associates program. 

6. Write a brief description of what you’d like help with in the “Enter a Topic” field. 

7. Select your preferred tutor or the “No Preference” option. 

*Note: A tutor's name will appear under “Preferences” if you have had an appointment with them, but selecting "No Preference" will display all available tutors and time slots on the date you select.

8. Select your desired date. 

9. Check the box(es) next to the name of your preferred tutor and appointment time(s). 

*Note: If you have a paper that is four pages or longer, we recommend that you schedule two consecutive half hour appointments with the same tutor. 

10. Click the “Book Selected Time(s)” button to reserve your appointment. You will receive a confirmation email from shortly. 

If you encounter any difficulties when booking an appointment, please email us at