Technology Recommendations


Regardless of the type of computer you use during your time at Messiah University, we want to offer guidelines that will help ensure the computer you start your educational experience with is adequately equipped to carry you through your time here. Therefore, we provide the following basic recommendations:


Basic Computer Recommendations:

The following list represents configurations that provide the best performance with our learning management system and synchronous software. These are the configurations Messiah University is ready and able to support.

  • Depending on your major, we recommend an i5 or an i7 processor

  • Most computers are coming with 8 GB of RAM

  • Windows 10 -  OR -  Mac OS X 10.13 or higher

  • If you plan on putting a lot of pictures, movies, and/or music on your PC, you may want a larger hard drive (such as 1 TB) 

  • Extended warranty (if financially feasible)


Considerations for Specific Majors

Engineering Majors

  • The department has many Windows Lab PCs available for students to access specialized software. Owning a personal laptop is recommended, but not required.
  • You can make the decision between a Windows or Mac OS X computer based on your preferences for other classes; however, be aware that some of the software provided by the Engineering department that you may prefer to have on a personally-owned computer, such as Solidworks, is only available on a Windows platform.
  • Solidworks is among the more demanding programs you’ll come across in the curriculum, so you may want to familiarize yourself with those specifications ( before buying.
  • Chromebooks are NOT recommended.


Nursing Majors


Visual Arts & Music Majors

  • Mac LAPTOPS are required for Visual Arts majors
  • Macs are recommended for Music majors.